Italian “Meringhe”

Hi everyone!

here we go with our first recipe of the blog and we are talking about “Meringhe” (Meringue, in english).


2 Egg Whites


100g Sugar



Meringhe are so easy to make and they are cheap as well..but sooooo good. We want them to be a little bit crunchy, well white and delicious.

  1. Put the egg whites in a large bowl separating them for the yolks and add a pinch of salt. NB. If only one yolk drop ends up in the white mix you’ll have to start everything again because you won’t be able to whisk them properly
  2. Pre-heat the oven at 100C.
  3. Use an electric hand whisk to whisk the egg whites. After a couple of minutes you can start adding the sugar (not all in once!). Keep whisking until the mix forms a thick “cream”; it has to “stay” on the electric whisk, without falling into the bowl. Or, you can even turn the bowl upside down to see if the mix stays there! (at your own risk…)
  4. You will now have a thick and glossy egg whites + sugar mix
  5. Take a pastry bag and pour the mix in it quite quickly, otherwise the egg whites will flatten
  6. You will now make small meringues (how would you describe their shape??) on a baking tray covered by baking paper – see picture!
  7. Be careful, you will need to leave around 3cm between one meringue and the other otherwise they will either burn or not fully cook
  8. You can now put your meringues in the pre-heated over and leave them there for a couple of hours (approximately – I left mines 2.20h)
  9. When they will look glossy and a bit “gold”, they will be ready! Oh, not ready to eat though. You will need to leave them there for at least an hour the cool down.
  10. EAT THEM!


Let us now how it goes, send us pictures and…enjoy them! 🙂

As always, pictures to follow…

The Chef ‘n’ The Foodie



Oh, New York

First of all, we’d like to apologise for not being present in the last couple of weeks, but we’ve been extremely busy with work and our trip to the States.

Just one thing … New York, it’s been a real pleasure!

We left on Saturday the 13 Feb from the Manchester airport and we landed at the JFK at around 3pm that same day; we travelled with Delta and we have to say it was nice, but not as good as travelling with Emirates as we did when we went to Dubai.

We stayed at The Marcel at Gramercy for a very reasonable price and a nice location, it’s close to the Subway (essential) and it seemed clean and modern (not common in New York). The hotel wasn’t far from the Flatiron Building and the Empire, and we even walked to Time Square after checking in, which took us less than 30min walking. The only “issue” we had was the WiFi in our room as we had to pay for it (around £8/day), but they have a free connection in their reception and lounge. We both highly recommend this hotel so if you are planning a visit to NY have a look at their website!

We spent the first evening at Times Square and it is exactly as you see it in movies: extremely crowded but breath taking! There are billboards everywhere showing different ads, but you really don’t notice what they represent, you only focus on the overall picture created by that mix of people, policemen, artists, lights, cars, trucks, shopping bags and more. It’s just stunning.

We’d really like to write about all the activities we did, however it would take days. We will write a list with the links to their web pages so you can have a look at the prices, but please contact us if you’d like more info!

  • Go New York Tours: a guy in Times Square stopped us the first day and sold us tickets for their touristic bus, costing us around £50 each for 5 days all lines and tours, Liberty Cruise, NY Museum and Central Park bike renting.
  • 9/11 Memorial: we only stopped at the memorial and not the museum, however we would highly recommend it.
  • Central Park: just one thing, it’s huge. Bikes are highly recommended! It’s plenty of bike rentals but if you purchase the Go NY Tours ticket it would be cheaper to rent bikes from them (see link).
  • Top Of The Rock: a friend recommended to go on the top of the Rockefeller center and not the Empire and the reason is simple: from the Rockefeller you can see the Empire and the view is just AMAZING. See website for tickets prices.
  • Madison Square Garden: WOW! We are not Hockey fans but it’s not just Hockey, it’s a proper show! The match was Canadiens VS NY Rangers, expensive but well worth it.
  • Museum of Natural History: you know what? We probably weren’t in the mood that day, but we didn’t like it. However, it could be just not our thing so yes, go for it!
  • Other places visited: Wall Street, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Union Square

As always, enjoy our pictures!! Oh, we got new cameras yesterday and hopefully we’ll be able to post something soon about them, stay tuned.

The Chef ‘n’ The Foodie


O U R (6) Favourites – Where we E A T

haveThe chef moved from London to Manchester in April 2015 and the foodie moved from Italy to Manchester one year later, April 2016. After two years in the Mancunians’ land, we have a few places where we feel at home and where we like to go at least a couple of times a week.

We wanted to share these places with you and hopefully you can leave a comment below to let us know your experiences in the same restaurants/cafes


Sakana has to be the first on this list for a very simple reason: it is Foodie’s favourite and we all know it, women are always right!

We love Sakana purely for its  f o o d  and the open-plan kitchen. We like ordering Gyoza, Taiwanese Buns, every type of sushi/sashimi containing Salmon, and the awesome Salmon and Truffle Mayo Hosomaki.

Price range (2ppl): £50 – £60

NOTE: They are still offering 51% off A La Carte Food, have a look at their website and make      sure you book in advance. We would recommend not to go on Sunday, last time they had run out of Salmon (we were desperate).


Yes, we are still at the top of the list with another restaurant, Rudy’s, The Chef’s favourite (fair enough..). If you know Rudy’s you probably already know that it is like Marmite, you like it or you hate it; the guys are a bit loud (there are Italian and yes, we are loud) but the Pizza they make is A W E S O M E , probably the best in the whole Manchester. We usually have a starter (try their ham and mozzarella!) and a Pizza each.

Price Range (2ppl): £20-£30

NOTE: If you are planning to eat at Rudy’s we recommend to go there no later than 7pm, they have waiting lists that go up to 1h30min.


As you probably already guessed, we LOVE ASIAN FOOD. Shoryu opened in Piccadilly just before Christmas and in the first 2 weeks we went there three times. We love their Ramen and their Taiwanese Buns, as well as the salmon made their way (Ginger Salmon Tatsutaage)

Price Range (2ppl): £25 – £30

NOTE: Shoryu is a bit small, we would recommend to go there either early or late, but don’t worry, we never had to wait for more than 20 minutes.


Well, again, we love their food guys. Ramen, Sushi, Buns, we love that food! At Wagamama the quality is excellent and it happens that, when we are lazy and in a need of food, we order Wagamama through Deliveroo. We usually have Gyoza, Ramen (The Chef), Yasay Yaki Soba (The Foodie, loving the Pickled Ginger!) and maybe some of their cheesecake, gnummy!

Price Range (2ppl): £30 – £40

NOTE: In Manchester, we have been in both the Spinningfields and Printworks ones, no difference!


Meat, Buffet, Meat, Buffet! At The Fazenda, we love the Atmosphere and professionalism of all members of staff. They are extremely welcoming and you feel really spoiled. For those who don’t know, The Fazenda is a Brazilian “Fine Dining” Restaurant, serving meat, a lot of meat. It is an “all you can it” and we love this!

Price: fixed at £35pp+drinks and dessert


You should all know Byron and their amazing burgers. We just love it, it’s simple and the quality is good. The staff are polite and welcoming and well, their food is just awesome! We usually have Nachos as a starter and a burger each (you can have it with or without the bread!).

Price Range (2ppl): £20 – £25

NOTE: In Manchester, we have been in both the Deansgate and Piccadilly ones, no difference!

This is it, our list of 5 FAVOURITES. We love them, but there are soooo many restaurants in Manchester that we would like to try. What’s your favourite? LET US KNOW.

As always, we’ll leave you with some pics.

The Chef ‘n’ The Foodie


The Chef ‘n’ The Foodie are open to collaborations, feedback, invites and other queries. For any type of contact please use the form below or send us an email at

Please note: every single sentence, opinion and idea have been elaborated by us. This is still a small and personal blog so we are not expecting many “free invites” for reviews, but if so we will communicate that to you and that will not affect our opinion and feedback on that specific place, product or service.


Hello Dubai

‘Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place’

– Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – 


 August, back from Italy to the UK, we wanted to plan our next trip and we wanted a big one this time. We were thinking about New York, Canada, Australia but we had only one week in October so we had to find somewhere nice and not too far to go to.

When we first thought about Dubai we also thought it wasn’t a good idea, we kept saying “there’s nothing to see there, all seems so fake”. Well, tickets were not too expensive and we didn’t have other options so we booked everything and we set the countdown on our phones.

24th October – We left our NQ flat, took an Uber cab and we went to the Manchester Airport where an Emirates A380 was waiting for us. You can’t even imagine how big that airplane really is. After 7h, we were finally at the Terminal 3 of the  D U B A I  Airport. We were really tired and we decided to take a cab from the airport to our hotel; well, on the way to the hotel we didn’t say anything as we were staring at those huge skyscrapers, one after the other. It’s incredible.

After 20 minutes of “no – talking” we arrived at our hotel, The Sofitel Hotel Jumeirah Beach, which I would recommend to everyone on earth; it’s a unique experience and we really felt welcomed from the very first second. The room was huge and the view on the beach was amazing! (I will post some pictures in the “Gallery” page).

We spent the first day strolling around Jumeirah Beach and its walk, it was really hot so we had to stop every now and then to drink and eat. For the first (and third and fourth) dinner we went to a Sushi (we love Sushi!) place called Sushi Art that we really loved. After a long and resting night on that huge king-size bed we were ready for the remaining four days in D U B A I .

Here you have some of the activities we’d like to recommend:

  • Burj Khalifa: just next to (or part of?) the Dubai Mall, there is the tallest building in the world and yes, it really feels like being on an airplane (again, pictures in the Gallery). It has 163 floors and it’s 828m high. We went up to the 124th floor and we paid 125AED (around £27) but if you want you can go up to the 148th floor and it would cost you 350AED (around £76).
  • Dubai Mall: no need to say it’s the biggest mall in the world and you can really get lost there. Figures: 1200 shops, 92 million visitors in 2015, 22 cinema screens, one luxury hotel with 250 rooms, 120 restaurants and cafes, one ice ring, one aquarium (see below) and much more. A must-do in D U B A I .
  • Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo: it’s the second largest aquarium in the world and well, we really didn’t want to see it from a “normal” perspective. Once there, we decided to purchase the “Cage Snorkelling” and it was AMAZING. Again, it’s really hard to describe this experience so please have a look in the Gallery.
  • Desert Experience: many hotels or external agencies organise the Desert Experience so we really recommend it. They bring you in the desert at “sunset time” so you can take beautiful pictures. There is a professional photographer who takes pictures of you riding a camel, you holding a falcon and you while dining..they are expensive so we just purchased one of us two riding a camel. (NB. We didn’t use the agency at the link above, but I believe that one is the most used one)

These are the main activities we did in those 4 days, but there is much more to visit. If you’re thinking of visiting Dubai please let us know via email at

Here you have a list of restaurants and cafes that we would like to recommend:

Again and again, visit the Gallery!

The Chef ‘n’ The Foodie

The ‘Why’ and the ‘What’

Yes. We’ve skipped The ‘Who’ and the reason is very simple: you can find more information on who we are in the About Us page of this blog (please,do it).

As a first post in our entire life, we wanted to explain more about Why we opened this blog and What we’d to share and deliver to you all. And we will tell the truth, without big and impossible projects that wouldn’t work for us two, just a simple couple looking for a small change in their lives.

As you probably already read in the About Us page (please, go), The Chef and The Foodie are a couple living in Manchester, in the Northern Quarter more precisely. If you are from Manchester, you probably already know that the NQ if plenty of cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops; it’s a vibrant area and we want to fully live this experience here. However, we are feeling that our routine is getting boring and probably ‘boring’ is not even the right word to use.

The foodie is a recruitment consultant and she works in education; she sits on a chair every day Mon-Fri and works hard to win new clients and business. She gets emails at 7am from people who are not going to work because two (t w o) snowflakes just reached the ground and she already knows that she will need to start earlier today to find someone else that goes in that school (the client) and starts teaching to children (the real client). At this point of the day, the Chef is already in his kitchen, probably making poached eggs and smashed avo (Foodie’s favourites). He already knows that at 7am the typical english businessman will enter that cafe’s door and will ask for a ‘Full English Breakfast’ – really?

Yes, The Chef ‘n’ The Foodie are not bored and their lives are not relaxed, but they don’t want to be a normal couple, one of those that arrive at home after 9 hours in the office/kitchen, sit on the couch and start watching a movie, ordering food on Deliveroo.

We wondered what we could do to change our routines and here we are, writing our first post on our first blog. Do we like it? Yes. Will it work? Who knows.

The Chef ‘n’ The Foodie will share their love for food and their love for discovering new places around the world. We will give you recipes, we will write reviews, post pictures, ask for suggestions and a lot more.

We want to share this ‘mancunian‘ experience with you all.

The Chef ‘n’ The Foodie

NB. We know our English is not perfect and we really apologise for this. Any suggestions to improve our writing skills are more than welcome.